Happy Birthday

  February 2nd, 2018 by not here

One of my best friends would have turned 25 today. I wonder what he would be doing now. I wonder what he would be like now. I wonder if he could be happy now. I picture him as content; perhaps not entirely happy and joyous, but understanding and accepting of his life, taking the good with the bad. He would likely be doing a PhD now, or perhaps settled into a decent career. I picture him with a scraggly beard, wearing his hoodie and shorts each day. He would be known at his workplace as brilliant, eccentric, off-beat, and entirely authentic. Everyone in his life would know how sincere and good he was. No bullshit. No tip-toeing around the edge. He would be making a difference wherever he ended up, because that’s the only way he could ever operate.

You’re not here, but you’re still making a difference. You make a difference in my life each day. I wish I could build a monument to you, such that the entire world could know you for all that you are. I don’t think I will be able to do that, but I will continue to strive to honour your legacy. Your honesty, loyalty, humility, friendship, love, and integrity. Happy birthday buddy, I hope you are at peace. Know that your memory will never die, and that your impact will perpetuate this earth for generations to come. I love you.

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