I love you guys

February 9th, 2018by Gary555

My Intuition told me not to post this so why am I posting it? Because I think you guys might like this song and I want to connect with you. I’ve been browsing this site even though I’m not suicidal anymore but the reason I come here is because you guys/girls are incredible. Even in your misery you try and help others. That’s an amazing thing to observe. I would happily live in a world with people like you. I know a lot of you don’t believe in an afterlife but I do. My strongest evidence is Near Death Experiences. There’s one main site on the internet that gives first hand accounts. I can’t believe that all of them are a result of lack of oxygen to the brain. I’ll post the link here even though I don’t think the link will show up. I’ll also post a link to the music I grew up with.


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