I need to get this off my chest

  February 3rd, 2018 by Number

It wasnt until 4 months into our relationship that i found out he was married before. I didn’t find out in a nice way either. But i was already in love with him and I wanted to be the calm relaxed girlfriend so i didnt say anything. I could see that he was ashamed and didnt want to tell me. Again, it took another 8 months before i find out he was still actually married.

I wish i did get angry because im still not over the fact he didnt tell me. In all honesty, i wouldnt have continued dating him if he had told me straight away. I know myself. I know im insecure and I wouldve known this would be something that would get to me. It has got to me. A part of me resents him for not telling me. Im angry at him. Its harder to love him and now im pushing him away. I feel terrible because it’s not his fault.

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