I was innocent andn believed in the goodness of people. Then suddenly I was MADE aware of reality. How do u deal when u don t even want to live ?

  February 2nd, 2018 by Ghost111111

Imagine u r playing with gijoes or Barbie dolls one minute and pretending to be a hero or princess. U believe in the goodness of people and trust without fear. Imagine you are still attached to rubbing silk between your fingers or clinging to that bear or blanket. Now imagine u r expected to live as an adult but u literally didn’t live and learn so u r 30+ but still have that innocence. You are literally just a child despite your age. Then imagine u get raped. Suddenly u r MADE aware of all the evils in the world. Rape, murder, abuse happens. And it happened to u. How do you live in a world like that. How do you continue fighting when you are so far behind every one else that just getting along without that or struggling to appear normal is impossible because no one understands u may be 30+ but u r literally still trying to learn to live in reality (not the world where things always have a happy ending) and let go of silkies or that special bear. Let alone when you don t even want to live to begin with. When you have to go from that to I was raped and reality is rape, murder and innocence being destroyed violently is just part of life.

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