I’m alone.

  February 1st, 2018 by Urm8451n

I have so much on my soul, that I’m not even able to speak. All those words being shot around my head.
I want to say something. I want to call for help. I want to breakdown. I want to say I’m suicidel.
I want to say that I’m not sleeping because I don’t like living like this.

I want to scream to someone that I’m on the verge of jumping a tall building.

I want to go out with friends.

I want to ask that girl out.

I want to make money.
but my heart is nothing to listen to. I only go by the logic of my old plan. Study hard.

I’m also a keeper. I keep things in my own mind.
Are you the same?

Perhaps in two weeks I’ll go to the study area to meet and study with random people. Perhaps it would be good for me. But right now, I’m signed to solitary.

Hope you guys doing well, Stay strong be brave, don’t miss chances, be happy you took a chance in your life. Yours for long, Jac.

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