I’m just tired… just tired

  February 21st, 2018 by lostdamagedsoul

I’m so tired of it all. The emotions. The pain. The tears. But I think i have gotten to the point where I can cry anymore. I have the feeling to cry but I can’t. No tears come out. It was nice for a moment knowing that I can’t cry. No more crying my self to sleep. But by crying it helped relieve some of the feelings and frustration of the world. It’s raining all the tears I can’t cry.
But I just recently found this web page. And for a hot minute it felt kinda nice knowing that there is web pages like this where I can share how I feel and have people who can relate to. It gives me hope in a way.
I have so many thoughts that go through my head. But recently me wanting to die has been the strongest feeling and thought I have had. I’m tired of feeling this way. I want to live happy and peaceful. I deserve to be peaceful. Not just in my sleep or in my dreams. We should all be able to live a peaceful and happy life. No one deserves to feel this way. To have these kind of thoughts. Life is so short. And this is how I’m spending most of my life. Feeling hopeless, lost, confused, and tired. I should be feeling good. We all should be feeling good. But instead I’m laying in my bed with the emptiness in my soul and the broken, lost heart.

~ one day the sun will shine through my dark clouds of thoughts ~

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