I’m taking a step in and out -> quitting this site, May you all be well

  February 14th, 2018 by Urm8451n

This site has been my shoulder to cry on, and helped me in a lot of ways.
But even so, this site has helped me to rant out too much, and helped me to feel sorry for myself.
It also back fired by the fact that I stopped talking to myself and thinking out what will be my next steps.

It is funny but the last problem turned out really bad, I sank into depression as quick as a formula car with turbo and 2 nuclear engines on each wheel.

Humor aside – I have to re-start dealing with my problems on my own. I don’t belong here. This is better to have other people a place to rant/share suicide experience. I have never tried to kill myself -either cause I chickened out, or either because I found going on a killing streak would be much more amusing.

I’m a part psychopath, part a kid, part a parent, and pretty much fucked up. I believe I can change my life. Right now I’m a loner. My finance status is shit. I have nightmares each night, I’m stressed out. I have dyslexia and studying in the university brings all the demonic school experience outside. I’m having less and less powers, and more and more fears.

One of the users brought up a question : what type are you out of the 3 ? {sheep/shepherd/wolf}.
– Well, I’m the wolf leader. I hunt on the weak and lead the superiors after me. I don’t belong to this herd of sheep. I can’t cry on something I don’t feel.

Therefor, I’m saying good bye. But this is the final goodbye. There will be no others.

Stay strong, Be brave, Yours – Jac Smith.

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