It ends tonight

  February 2nd, 2018 by Blugirl16

i’m so fucking done with everything and everyone. I want to die, I fucking hate myself because if I was smart enough, good enough…or whatever the hell it takes to make it in life i’d be able to reach my dreams, and I wouldn’t feel the way I do. I deserve the worst treatment, I deserve to remain in isolation and remain in this state for the rest of my life and I guess everyone thinks the same about me as I think about myself. I want to slit my wrists, and hang myself to death. Fuck…I have so many fucking issues, i’m unintelligent, i’m mentally unstable, and my life sucks just as much as I do. I was finally going to go outside today before my plans got ruined again…it always happens like this something comes along and makes me happy then a few months weeks days hours later i’m back where i you know how it feels to constantly be disappointed, constantly depressed and scared of everything? The only place i’m happy now is in my daydreams…i’ll never be okay….never.. i’ll always be like alone anxious and depressed. I don’t just want to die, I need to die, and all anyone can say anymore is something cliche like it’ll get better or some shit lol. I’m done hoping…i’m done trying…i’m just done with life.

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