My life flashed before my eyes tonite

  February 2nd, 2018 by Ellen87

Was driving home from work. Going 60mph down hwy 31 when a van pulled out in front of me. I slammed on my brakes, i flew close to the windshield as i saw my van get dangerously close to the back of their van. Turned my steering wheel right to avoid the hit and swerved into the right lane where the other cars were. I felt like my van was gonna flip so i turned the wheel left to try to straighten out n get back into the left lane. If i hadnt of been wearin my seat belt i would of flown through my windshield. If u see that u have a red light n cars are goin 60mph during their green light, why would u pull out? And the fked up thing was they were on their way home. Like okay so i almost died, almost totalled my car and almost endangered other drivers while avoiding impacting your car, all cuz u wanted to get home? Like yea i wanna die some day but not like that, and not by some morons idiot decision and def not when im intending to see marilyn manson tomorrow nite. Smdh i hate driving, and i hate other drivers.

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