New Confidence

  February 6th, 2018 by J Doe

So I haven’t been back in a while. Not a long while, but a while. I got a job. Saving up for an apartment. Been going to counseling. I’ve noticed I’ve held up my head as I walk to class now. It’s an odd feeling. A little part of me doesn’t like it. I feel like I’m arrogant for feeling confident. When I’ve basically felt so small about myself for so long, this new attitude feels foreign and bad. Can’t really explain it. I told the cashier her hair looked nice. Felt like a complete creep afterwards, even though she seemed to appreciate the compliment. Don’t really know why I felt like saying it, but I just did. I never say anything to anyone besides, “Thank You” and “You have a good day too.”. I find many women to be beautiful. I never say anything though. Don’t want to be a creep. I feel like bothering people is not a good idea. Confidence with people is never a good thing. It’s because they are so unpredictable. That’s what scares me. This girl caught me starring while walking by. Felt bad. She probably thinks I’m a creep. Oh well. Most people probably feel that way. Don’t know why I felt like writing on here. Well here it is.

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