Once a grade 7 teacher

  February 11th, 2018 by DepressedFilipina

I decided to write this note after our discussion yesterday (Jackie and I) that if ever my students would know what I would do to myself may be they would felt bad or down about it, maybe.

To my babies in grade 7,
Don’t feel bad, dont imitate what I did to myself. You still have a lot of days, months, and years to fix yourself. You have all the time in the world, never feel down for something I decided on my own.

I hope you’ll cherish every moment I spent with you as I would also be thankful for the wonderful time you made me experienced.

Those months together made me felt that I’m being appreciated for once. That I have something to look forward to everyday. I may get sick and all but I always love to see you guys, you were the little stars in my world of darkness.

9:23am February 10, 2018

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