Open to talking venting

February 24th, 2018by Talos'Wife

I’m just so so tired really I don’t not want to be alive!  and this month has been so terrible for me really from November to now and on has been a living hell for me…  I just really do not want to be alive right now anymore I’m done but I feel I can’t go just yet I haven’t gave up hope he may be alive and come back and i could be happy… we can talk on here or Kik (AlucardsWaifu) or  email even( I’ll give email only on request)  whatever just feeling like talking with people who know what’s it’s like to feel this way wu  can talk one on one or try and make a group conversation whatever people are up for just hopr to talk with people who feel the same or similar and just want to vent too…  Just want respectful people who want to listen and talk too!   I can listen I like to think I’m a nice person who’s honest I’m not here to judge but I’ll  give my opinion if u like just hoping someone else wants to vent and talk thanks!

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