Over for the death row

  February 4th, 2018 by Urm8451n

“Sometimes it is hard, To wake up in the morning, mind full of demons, I don’t wanna hear them any more, got me heart broken, fine. ”

I’ve thinking about it for long.
I’ll accomplish this. I’ll graduate. I’ll succeed. I’ll get good grades. I will because I will give all I have.

I have to put my worries and sadness aside. This is not time for it. This is the only chance I’ve. I must by any mean, grow up balls, and be focus on the fucking target.

But I also accept the fact that years of psychiatric treatment is waiting for me. I must agree that I’m dangerous. I’m on the verge of beating someone to the ground.

I have ptsd and I’m like a fucking animal when it comes to defend others. I will die for the victim, to make the attacker pay. it bothers me when I’m studying.

for example I saw some guy almost bullying someone, I instantly stood out of my chair like a fucking murderer. He saw me and backed off. There was no need to talk. He understood that I noticed that something is wrong. He knew I’m a bit insane. I notice everything, and everyone. I’m highly on guard. I cant let go. I won’t miss the only chance I would’ve to defend someone. Because I didn’t do right years ago when I had the chance to.

Anyway. Stay strong be brave. Keep your head up.

Yours, Jac.

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