Question for you guys

  February 12th, 2018 by Jean-bean102

So my teacher gave me more time on the project for the class, because I explained that I was struggle with class due to personal issue at home. A friend of mine (older adult) told me that it is great that I have an understanding teacher but…  My “personal issue” was basically jus cry/grieved over friends and do nothing all day. What she said is pretty harsh which she already warned me before. She said “How many days did you waste over your so-call friends and use that excuse?”.  I was surprised by that question and was too shame to say it.  Because I know the truth. A lot. I waste lot of days over that like that in past. I accept that my excuse for not finish project on time because of my emotion burst-out is kinda lame.

So my question is… How can you continue your day or your works while you have lot of emotions go on inside you? I really want to know. I am tired of my own situations or emotions interrupts my life… I really want know the answer to that. I want to improve my management skill over my own emotions.

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