Really no other way

  February 20th, 2018 by Terminal Agony

I don’t post much. But here Iam. Capable to write. Is there no other way other than dying ? Life itself is one problem. There is just so much competition and now this competition is there even in relationships, with a dense population.. god knows. This is normal for people leaving and going away. I fit in nowhere in this culture. Limited options. It’s not worth the trouble of knowing and meeting people only to become much more depressed than already. What I feel is that, everyone is depressed, profoundly depressed, I see them with no effect, nothing matters to them. They go from one job to another, one relation to next, as easy as eating a piece of pizza. Indifferent to pleasure or pain. I feel like I have no options, because friends are hard to find and too much work to stay connected. Relationship if I ever get in any will be hard to flourish and maintain, because I have not known any such thing ever and it gives me a headache because I can’t be responsible for another person when I don’t care about my ownself.







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