February 3rd, 2018 by vieve

hi, hello

do any of you have anxiety? ptsd? etc?

what do you do when you’re doing all of the right things and you’re trying so hard but nothing gets better? well, maybe there are brief periods of “better,” but then the slightest thing crumples your shield and you feel more vulnerable than ever and you just know that something bad’s going to happen. all of the deep breaths and chamomile tea and lavender candles in the world can’t help. you’re right back where you started, scared and shaking and you can’t remember the last 3 years of your life.

anyway, how do you feel better? I hope you find ways of feeling better. not to be all cliché and insincere and all of that, but you deserve to feel better. sincerely, you deserve to feel great.

if you don’t feel better, how do you survive?

why does this happen to us?

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