Still Here Questioning Life

  February 1st, 2018 by Todamnbad

What’s Our Purpose?

I always have questioned our existence and watched all kinds of videos on it. How we are here for a just mere moment before we die. Life feels like it will never end, but you and I both know it happens to everybody. We’re also scared of losing people that matter to us. LikeĀ  i constantly worry about my dad because he drives 40 min back and forth to work everyday. All it takes is a car crash, or a stroke. My friend’s uncle just passed away last Monday and it freaked me out because i was friends with him. Not close friends but i had have like a 3 hour conversation with the guy about his life. Scared me because i got to know him. Like i’m so afraid of being alone in this world. I have spent so many days by myself with no social contact and nobody checking up on me or messaging me on my phone. Loneliness is also the #1 risk factor for suicide. Loneliness does kill, seriously. Like spending all this time alone fucking kills me. It has turned into a constant fear. Like i cant live alone. I would probably kill myself then because i wouldn’t matter to anybody. All i got is my parents and a cousin. 3 people give a shit about me.

As you can tell, i always wonder about death, because you wonder what’s on the other side. Hopefully you don’t go to a place that is as fucked up as this world. This world is 100% sure without a doubt, a fucked up place to live in.

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