Surges of energy

February 1st, 2018by LittleBead

Is here anybody else who’s been experiencing random surges of energy allowing them to actually do something? Lately I’ve been experiencing them a lot, and I am not very sure if it’s OK, especially that a new low usually follows. So, basically for a few hours I try to be optimistic and I think about solutions only to find myself thinking that all of this is pointless a short while later. I am quite new to this feeling and I am not sure whether it’s normal or my condition is progressing. I don’t really want to talk to the psychiatrist about it as all she’s been proposing are expensive meds that don’t work as intended and I am tired of trashing money on them, and my therapist always has this look saying ‘it seems like a pathetic situation, I don’t know what to do’ on her face.


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