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The ant

by Taf Taf

The ant

(a talentless short story inspired by Franz Kafka’s works)

The whole ant colony was happy. A new ant, a new worker, has risen out of its larva and they’ve given it a name: T.

Ant T was growing up, learning how to search for food, how to carry seeds, how to dig, how to be protected from the rain, how to live like an ant. Everyday it was doing what other ants were doing. All the ants seemed happy, but ant T wasn’t happy at all. It was spending more and more time in its small cavity. It didn’t care at all about work. It had realized that this small hole in the ground was its sanctuary and its prison. So, one day, ant T decided to leave the colony. It came out of the hole and started walking.

It walked for a long time, passed many plants and many other insects, until it came across some huge gigantic beings. It had heard about them from the other ants· they called them ”humans”. Ant T started walking again, very carefully, because it didn’t want to be crushed by these beings. After some time it came to a big black surface. T had also heard about this black thing· the other ants called it ”road”. It decided to cross the road and continue its journey. It started walking, but suddenly it felt the ground trembling and heard an unbearable loud noise. Ant T tried to continue walking. At the end, it was crushed by a car.

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Once 2/9/2018 - 7:47 pm

I vote we change T’s name to Lucky.

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