The good, bad and the ugly.

  February 6th, 2018 by doingittomorrowornextday

I  know deep down I’m a good person. Despite making the occasional bad decisions, I never try to never hurt anyone.

Tbe ugly is that my suicide will hurt the people I love most. Destroy.


I hope I’m making the right choice by going through it despite that.

My fear is by sticking around I’ll hurt people even more. As I deteriorate below what is considered a functional adult. My loved ones will only pity me as time progress. Their pity turns to animosity if they decide to care for me financially. And animosity turns ugly as life goes on.

I don’t want to be a burden.


Better that I die and hurt them now. Bad? Perhaps. But, it’s good in the long run. Better than Becoming an ugly thorn in their side as years become decades.


If I choose to not accept help, I’ll become homeless. Which is less desirable than death. And the results would be the same. Pity, animosity and ugliness from the people I love most.

So I go.

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