The sharp knife of perfection

  February 17th, 2018 by xoxosiamese-catxoxo

Machines judge. They don’t love. They are a computer coded with millions of perfection standars that a human heart couldn’t meet. So machines live by constant dysphoria , cynicism, misogyny and the perfect dream. Of the perfect creation that will redeem them . A fiery model that exhilarates them – most of all because they’re plastic mannequin looking. She would be so sure of herself because her lips are worth the kiss prince gave to Snow White , her hair is chinese silk, her posture is graceful and her caracter resembles a french femme fatale. Does love exist? Or people have just turned their hearts to a closed off criterion that won’t ever understand and will never ever make room for a human mistake – or clumsiness. In that case, maybe love can be found inside the people that have suffered¬† the most, the road of the Plague doesn’t ever lead to the conclusion of criticism.¬† Love – alike the people who lived suffering, knows to embrace human darkness and fear.¬† There could be more love to be found inside the heart of an invisible girl than the model that lived the life of a queen surrounded by servants falling on her feet.

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