Things I have considered in past as an alternative to suicide

  February 13th, 2018 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Change my name… Tell me which you enjoy or any suggestions…..

Nebraska Martin – Archie Warren Sollars  Warren Lucky Asay – Constantine Horning

Save up the bare minimum

Leave America for Europe or some odd island Build myself a home in woods

Live alone

Have no outside contact

Collect things

Build cars in my work garage

Read/study my life away


Things I have also consider:

Build large homes on empty grids of land for the underhanded who’ve had to live in small homes and/or trailers with no help at all in a dirty community and not charge an arm and a leg to home them in something bearable. Free of charge.

And this I do everything build on my own with my own two hands

I don’t understand how they can give nothing to these people but a terrible community and expect them to not die off…..


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