this is it.

  February 4th, 2018 by Elysianvinyl

If i do not delete this post before tomorrow, you will know that i have succeded in taking my life.


I am no longer able to keep going, i have lost all strive and will to keep going. Life has no meaning. I had one life and i had to spend it mentally fucked up and unable to function properly and im so done.

I wanted to make a long note, telling my story and how i got to this point, But i dont have the time.

I know people are going to be upset and sad. And i know this sounds selfish. But they should understand that them trying to keep me alive is me continuing this hell on earth, this endless feeling of nothing, the screaming in my head.


I plan to hang myself later tonight. I have the rope and a ceiling fan that will do just fine. I will write a proper note to my family and friends. This will be my last post if everything goes according to plan.



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