In need of help :’- |

  February 22nd, 2018 by Urm8451n

It is striking me hard.  I’m trying to hold on.

Why couldn’t I tell her what I wanted?

Why couldn’t I get mad at him for kissing my ex?   Why didn’t I succeed at saying what I need and feel when I went through all those horrors.


This place is bad for me.  it brings up the memories.   I remember why I quit going with those friends.  This f.. more like fuckers.


I’m….Im broken.  I’m broken hearted, broken minded.  I’m missing all the good things at life.

What will be the point at succeeding if I’ll end up friendless?  If I’ll end up alone.  If I’ll fail to be what I’m.


I’m not a fucking psychopath, I’m just a survivor of a fucked up situation.


Today I was at a… “friend”  house. I thought about breaking his guinea pig’s neck.  I liked the idea. It had no where to run from me. I hid those feelings, but I would love to kill this little animal.  I would enjoy the power over it.


I’m done with this site, love you all, I must go back to the old fashion of hiding my traumas on the shelf, written in an old notebook.


only this way I’ll be able to live mylife.

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