Vday? More like death day.

  February 14th, 2018 by lovvely

I’ve decided tonight I’m going to try to commit. My mom has locked up my meds so my final option is bleach. I’ve done plenty research and if I drink enough, despite the taste probably being awful, I’ll end up dying. I’m going to do it tonight at 2:00 AM, setting a timer for 1:30, going to bed quite earlier, getting a decent last amount of sleep, and before I drink the awful liquid, I’m going to eat my favorite snack and send a final message to the love of my life, before I kick the bucket. This will probably be my last post. But knowing me, I’ll ***** out. Hopefully, that will happen, but if anyone has any final things to say to me in case it truly is my final night, the email is ollies2@educbe.ca


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