Vondermort in my head?

  February 5th, 2018 by Jean-bean102

So far, thing do look good and I do feel lot better emotionally. But… I keep have this um… dreams of mine that keep remind me someone I miss a lot. My best friends keep show up before I open my eye. When that does happen, I have dread feels, as if a snake crawl into my skin. My lower right leg shook and my body twist around… It used to be my daily route in morning in that four months of hell at the time. But now it is more of once a week now… I don’t mean to make it sound dramatic or something but It does remind me that scene in Harry Potter Half Blood Prince where Voldemort tried to enter Harry’s mind… I guess it could be psychology reaction or something and I should not dwell too much on it…right? It is bit funny though because part of my old best friend’s name has Vonder in it and she does have interesting in witchcraft. ┬áVondermort get in my head? lol… oh well… I doubt she will find me in here this website.

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