WARNING: not coherent

  February 26th, 2018 by Lostsoul_20

I wonder how my shitty friends and rapist are doing being able to go to school and finish their degrees and accomplish their dreams right now? They don’t care the depression they put me through one bit. I bet they’re happy poor little depressed girl is not there to put a damp to their party. I bet others that don’t know of all the struggles my life has put me through laugh at how much of a failure I am. I bet all their futures look so bright while I sit here dim and dull wishing an everlasting night. Oh if I had known that my life would have ended up like this …. :”(. Why is it the hand tends to loosen so much every time I want to glide a knife through my wrists? The temporary scratches I used to make aren’t working to make me numb anymore.

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