Well I Think This IS Probably My End

  February 1st, 2018 by the_black_3th_of_april.exe

So like the guy in my post of yesterday said: “things will get worse”. So has he said it happened. Today was a great fucking bad day. The mom of my girlfriend told me she couldn’t come to my home so she went sad, then they fight and when she told me a good thing among fucking bullshit that maybe she could come to my home, 10 minutes later she told me that it is done, she finished the relationship because she eared his mom talking whit is dick stepdad and that asshole told her bullshit and to end the problems she left me and told me she will still love me and we will be friends and that in 2 years she will find me to be together. So now with nothing more than air to live Im already thinking in say goodbye world. My whole life was a tragicomedy so this would be the perfect end. I doubt to changer my mind but if someone could give me hope I accept it cuz I have nothing I HATE EVERYONE AND MYSELF. At least this site is better thing that all my shit I can say that I love these guys jaja. I post it back if in some case Im still alive.

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