what’s the point

  February 26th, 2018 by tamthescot

Why do I go on?
I did everything right. I stayed on at school, went first to college then to university. I was good to people I met and was friendly to everyone. SO WHAT WENT WRONG?
I don’t know. Once I finished university I saw a great future ahead for me, that was 2006.
Since then I have had a huge number of dead end jobs the longest lasting a year the shortest only weeks.
Though I like women I haven’t been in a relationship in that time. In the last few months I have been talking to a younger woman, yesterday I asked her out. Being told NO isn’t fun but took the answer I did. Today I find the woman complained to management about this; yet also said she didn’t want me to get the sack but didn’t feel safe around me.
So were do I go from here???????????
I am 36 and living with my mother who I feel is close to kicking me out.
why do I go on? any answers please pass them on.

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