You aren’t alive.

  February 17th, 2018 by Octr

You killed us both,
Now don’t get me wrong I know this is all my fault but we were hanging by a thread and you cut the string.
Now you can say I was too much and I pushed you too far, beat us both black and blue and covered us in scars but, I never once gave up.
I was in a bad place for a long time said and did so many fucked up things but I loved you, with all my heart, that part was true and you know it.
May have been sick and twisted but i loved you.
You weren’t innocent though, drop dead honestly ? you were a psychotic *****.
And sure you can go ahead and say I was 100 times worse but that shit won’t work. I’m not playing innocent, but at least own up to your shit, own up to being fucked up too don’t tell me I did this all by myself because you’re not a fucking puppet you never were, you made choices too.
Nobody can be manipulated beyond their own reasoning.
If you hated me so much, why didn’t you remove every trace of me? So much is still there and it drives me crazy.
You never killed me, just dragged me out to sea and left me alone.
Now what?
Been aimlessly sailing for years now and nothing’s changed.
It’s only gotten worse.

I’ll keep talking to myself because nobody else will listen.

I’m not a monster, I’m just human but I guess now I’ve learned, there’s little to no difference.

I love you.

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