Him or Her?

  March 8th, 2018 by Gracie

So hey it’s me…Gracie again…this may be your first time reading something I wrote or it may be your second time..But anyways I wanted to just say i’m doing better..I mean yes i’m still hurting from him..but the thing is I am learning to move on but I think I may be making a mistake.The guy I like is new at my school, he has a little bit of a bad history with my friend Lexie….it’s pretty messed up actually..what he had done to her…and I feel like if I like him it’ll make me a bad friend I mean my friends said he was flirting with me pretty hard this morning at school…but the thing is what he done to my friend I mean I wonder if he’s done it to other girls…See what he done was…. he got her to send nudes and he sended them to everyone in their school,well now their old school,well yeah he had exposed her……She moved to my school to get a new start and he ends up moving to that same school and he is already talking about how he’s exposed her,but he says he didn’t mean to…I don’t know if I should believe him.He says he’s changed and what I think about him is very important to him…I don’t know if it’s because he wants to get into my pants or if he’s actually changed to a genuinely nice person.But yet I think, maybe he’s not trying to get into my pants I mean he’s still a virgin he isn’t really having sex right now…What should I do???? i’m opened to a variety of different answers

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