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April’s Fool / The Journey to October.

by Shephard

In two weeks time it will have been six months that I’ve lived here in Australia. Friday the 13th is meant to be a day of superstitious hoo-doo and what-not, but the day I arrived here – and all that time since – has been the complete opposite. From initial fears of being away from everyone I know and love, to the adjustment period of getting re-acquainted with the nasally Australian accent – the going has been somewhat tough, but I have, without a doubt, well and truly settled in.

Two months into my new job, and I’m loving every moment of it. Sure, I do clash with the “eat-arse” beat-around-the-bush culture they have, and a few job delegations have left me scratching my head, but for the most part it’s an awesome company to be a part of. The management are firm, fair, and always looking to see you better yourself. My colleagues are an awesome bunch who never clash – in fact, this is one of only two work places I’ve been in where your peers around you are more than happy to lend a hand if you’re in a bit of a pickle. The important part for me is that I continue to just keep my head down and do my job – no screwing around, no dereliction of duties.

I have stable employment at a job I love, and I’m making a decent amount of money. What more can a person ask for?

A place to call my own

Whilst it’s true that I enjoy the company of others, it has gotten to the part where my own mental well-being is beginning to suffer from the incompetence of my… “friend”. Heaven have mercy on his future ex-wife, because this fella wouldn’t know the meaning of the word “clean” even if a Catholic nun bathed him in methylated spirits. Seriously: what kind of heathen puts clean and dirty washing in the same basket?! I could go on, but at the risk of y’all losing even more faith in humanity, I’ll spare you the details.

A new place is on the cards, and that is a priority tasking to say the least. There’s a few nice apartments not far from where I work, so I will have to look into those more intently in the coming weeks. It’s a simple matter of having my own space which I know I can maintain all on my own. Having the freedom to set up a record player in the lounge, a bookcase near the lounge suite, and a small gym in a studio room or such. None of that I can do here; if for no other reason than the fact that I don’t like the layout of this bloody unit. A bathroom that doesn’t smell like a bloody kennel would be nice, too.

…and perhaps once I do have my own place, I can actually entertain some guests.

I’ve made a few friends here already, and have gotten the chance to see a bit more of Sydney in good company. There’s a lot more to this city than I first expected, and I’m really looking forward to seeing even more of it. Making friends is never easy as someone with certain aspects of themselves that they wish to keep under wraps, but allowing yourself the opportunity to interact and feel a part of something once again is an action you must take. “One foot in front of the other” as they say.


We’re shifting into winter here, and word is the weather ends up being almost as miserable as back home – which I’m looking forward to after the 40+ Celsius days I’ve had here already. With the seasonal change comes a hopeful change in myself – I somehow managed to eat enough chicken pasta that I now weigh 100 kg. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was still as active as I was in late 2016, but that is not the case at this time. Despite that all, I have the knowledge and drive to better myself once again; all it takes is discipline.

The next six months leading up to my birthday will be nothing short of challenging. But I know I will be rewarded at the end of it – in some rather obvious ways, and in ways which I’ll only be able to discern after some time has passed. Stepping up to the plate and doing my best is what I know I can do, but that hasn’t always been the case. But now – far away from home and on my own (so to speak) – I have no choice but to give it my all and stay the course.

By my actions I’ll be known.


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ArwenOfAstora 3/31/2018 - 11:03 pm

It’s good to see you around Shepard, thank you for the update

Shephard 4/2/2018 - 8:22 am

You must be one of those stalkers of mine since I don’t recognise your handle straight off the bat. But you’re welcome for the update.

Take care out there.


Morris 4/1/2018 - 6:26 pm

It’s good to know you’re doing well, I wish you the best.

A few observations:
1). It was 14 degrees Fahrenheit here when I woke up this morning. Summer is a long ways off in the Rocky mountains of North America.
2). I don’t understand those short handled shovels. Why not get the longer one? Less bending over.
3). Everyone has an accent whether they realize it or not. Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Alabama, Michigan, New York, Boston, SoCal, etc. English speakers all speak the language based on where they learned how to speak, so it’s all good. I try to guess where people are from based on the dialect of English they speak. Plus it’s cool having an accent, you’ll be “exotic” when you’re outside of your native area. (Chicks dig foreign accents).
Take care, man. Rock on and keep doing your thing.

Shephard 4/2/2018 - 8:34 am

Hey Morris,

1). Imperial – Metric conversions will be the end of me. -10 Celsius sounds like a brisk Waiouru morning. Lovely stuff. Keep covered.

2). My friend broke our long handled shovel so that’s what I was stuck with.

3). I’ve noticed that Australians tend to talk through their noses. I’ve observed that in a few already, but it’s something interesting nonetheless. My colleagues have already tried to “appropriate” some of my Kiwi slang already – which I don’t mind – but they’d best not try to claim it as Australian as they do with everything else.

3a). Chicks here do dig the accent, which makes my job awkward at times because they’re trying to strike up a conversation with me long after I’ve fixed their computer problem. Hm. Actually, I think I might flirt with the next one who tries it on. Our section manager listens to the recordings of every call, so he’d definitely learn something new from mine.

It feels so depressing when I realise I’ve been on this site for five years now. I wonder where all the old folk are these days. Anyway, stay safe out there, and thanks for checking in.

theWhispersOfMySins 4/5/2018 - 8:23 am

Awesome to hear that you are doing well! 🙂

. 4/8/2018 - 11:30 pm

My first thought was wondering what you were doing with the shovel.. I can see your appeal for grave digging, though. Sorry E still ain’t pulling his slack.
It’s nice to see you look at the camera.. although someday someone, somewhere and somehow is going to snap an actual picture of that grin of yours (not your camera version, either, but the real thing). gods know when, but it’ll happen (I’m one to talk, but hey).

I’ll be glad to trade off the cold weather.. I’ve had enough of it for awhile. And I hope you’ve made it back to the waterfront with that heat. Good to hear the city is growing on you a bit.. That French dude I talked with had to’ve been keen on it for a reason.

Re: stalkers; you know full well if you recognized a few names you’d comment again, too. what happens when you reach out to people.. you generally make an impact, in some cases as a matter of looking out for one another. Think I’ve talked about that with you before..
and re: 3a); …I’m still betting by my birthday you’ll have found your (at least potential) Sheila.

Chur, bro.

Remnant1994 5/27/2018 - 8:06 pm

Hey Shephard. I’m quite relieved to see your face. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this… but if you remember me, “Buscetti”, I just wanted to say I’ve been thinking about you lately, and I’m really glad to see you are still managing. If you’d ever like to get in touch again, I can send you my new email.

DreamCatcher 6/19/2018 - 4:38 am

Long time no talk, old friend. Probably don’t remember me, but I definitely remember you. I’m glad to hear everything is going well. and thank you for helping me all those years ago.
-(U.S. person who mailed candy)

Shephard 5/6/2020 - 7:57 am

Your name starts with A, you wore glasses – and yes, I remember the lollipop and post card you sent me.

I’m two years too late, but thank you – I hope things are well for you, too.

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