March 21st, 2018by msol25

The days I would cut myself was because I was alone no one understood me my family never helped I was alone worst part I grew up liking girls and I felt worse about myself to the point that I hated myself my family never knew until one day I told my mom and she said GOD created women and men and I never understood why I didn’t want to live for many years feeling alone no one to talk to till one day I could remember feeling like I couldn’t anymore and I was save by  GOD  how I didn’t know at first but some family found me  and years hearing the word of GOD and it never touch me it came from one ear to the other until I let him in for real this time and he open my heart to understand more in my life then what I ever thought I went through things you couldn’t imagine yet I’m here living still where I would of ended my life years ago if I never found my faith anyways I hope some one out there doesn’t judge and don’t think I’m judging them I just wanted to say God changed my life for the good and I know he will one day for all of you with your heart opens ohh also doesn’t mean I’m completely happen because sometimes I still fall and I still get sad but I find my way back or should I say my king finds me

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