Just something to rap about

  March 6th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Never knew the walk will be so hard

never know, you’ll never know…. till you try

or quit n’ die.


fuck it, I tried to be best for you , best for me, best for bro

All the bur-den on m’ back, ain’t I real scared.


Got me knocked down with booze, watch me down

Right now, I am a bit drown.


It sure is easy to say,

” i will be there”   ” i will fight”

“tomorrow will be the best, gonna do things RIGHT”

going to stand , stand though the wave

going on to pave

a way for you and for us,

It is all about our trust.


But how you do this?

Get your shit together, when everything is all over

and you feel game is over

minute 90, clock goes out of ticks,

you feel dead, you feal lost,

Your life toss’ ed on the sidewalk,

And what you want the most?

Got no more place to host

all those feelings.


feel like an ol’ kid, I ain’t no 20 more.

Stand on my feet, pick you up,

let me free the animal inside,

going for all in, I ain’t no got fear.

Do you hear?


Ears up, eyes on the prize, going all in,

Got no fear, can you hear?

Ears up, eyes on the prize, going all in,

got no fear… no fear……

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