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by Baked13

The illness: My entire being.

The cure: Surrender to my mental. Submit to my physical.

The minute one realizes that they are treading a path that only fits one, is the minute one excludes themselves from society.

I have alienated myself from everything and everyone around me although I still coexist with everything. I have created this barrier that allows me to escape into my own reality where I feel dead even when alive.
I am constantly struggling to make it though 24 hours of the day. My escape allows me to feel like I am only living a few of those hours in agony. It goes a long way to have some hours surrenderring yourself to all the pain and hurt that you try ever so hard to mask and overcome day in day out.

I have surrendered to my mental.
And submitted to my physical.
Only way to survive.

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freeroma 3/9/2018 - 2:26 pm

.. sometimes survival is the first thing you owe yourself. I hope there’s a better cure out there.

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