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by catsnap24

I want to sink forever in a hole. I know that if I continue to think this way I will get exactly that. An unhappy life where I can cut myself 4 times a day. But I guess if thats what I want I can have it. Theres something in my throat wanting to claw out of me. I know I could quiet it down if I just cut myself a bit. I don’t even know what  I’m going on about. I don’t know if I want someone to save me, or just want someone to smile sickly as we die together. No one reads this shit anyway. My own fault I guess.


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flutterby 3/28/2018 - 2:16 am

First figure out what you want. Being saved or sinking. Then go from there.
Thoughts of sinking, dwelling on life’s shortcomings as well as our own, it will all bury you in a hole that is increasingly harder to get out of.
Saving yourself is the only saving you will get.

Good luck and people here do read and they do care.

Stefan1984 3/28/2018 - 7:57 am

I fully understand what you’re talking about. If you wnat to talk you can always email me: dick(at)deds.nl
I hope to hear from you.

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