Starving Inside and Out

  March 14th, 2018 by lxmyrick

Hey guy, how everyone been?


I haven’t been doing the greatest.  I thought I was doing well, but I guess not.  AM a very logical person, and when ever I have a problem, I go to the internet for help for facts for support.  Well I leaned that an average person can last 3 weeks without food, and an average healthy adult should each 2000-2500 calories while burning most of it.  This could cause people to lose weight.  But the thing is that I have been taking it to far and I can’t stop.  I only eat about 1000 calories a day, and burn then and because of that in the last few months I have lost 30 plus pounds; I am just above being underweight. Still no one has notice surprising.  I am just afraid now that it is getting warm, people can see my body and people might start asking questions. Anyway, I am still planning to starve myself and thanks for  reading this.

Current weight: 151.5 lb

3 months ago: 188.7 lb

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