April 30th, 2018 by eternaldarkness

I asked the Nurse THREE times I need to get tested for E-COLI, basically the ONLY reason I went in. She assured me all THREE times she will request for it to be done. The urinalysis came back. Guess what. She didn’t send in the request for the E-COLI test. Instead she requested BV and regular urine culture, which I did not ask for nor need or want. But no, I’m being charged for that shit.

I kept asking the front desk, they keep telling me the results are back and that it’s negative. I keep telling them that the E-COLI was NOT in the lab results. They keep telling me it is. Then they asked the Nurse today. SHe said it’s in the urine culture- WHICH IT IS NOT. Fcuking A.

I have to go back and do the urinalysis AGAIN. TF.

It pisses me off. If I have an infection, it needs to be found right away.

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