Can you diagnose me?

  April 8th, 2018 by ariusversea

I had some training to help people dealing with suicidal thoughts. Which is ironic considering I’m here right now, about to tell you more about how I never feel enough and how I’m just angry and sad and frustrated and I just want something or someone or anything anything really to help me but I don’t need help because I SHOULD BE FINE. I should be. I must have some mental illness or something because other people only seem to need parents and friends to free them from their dark tunnels. How it is that mine hasn’t ended yet? How is it that I haven’t found any type of light yet? I just feel like I’m failing. I’m not depressed, anxious, a narcissist, detached, numb, high, drunk I’m fine. But somehow I’m not happy and life is not appealing and I just look at the sunset from the second floor window that I wish I had the courage to jump out of. What’s wrong with me?

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