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Daily Fees

by XLondonDeathX


I WAS (less than 32hours long) getting to a spot in my mind that the “bill was going to be paid”….not dying…but that my grieving was actually a good thing. I was dancing with my toddler, jamming some tunes & *toons*, some other songs by different artists. & when it was naptime (about 2 nap (for lil one &1 nite…well a MOST the night sleep) i would let the sad out. I went thru some pictures of my oldest…. sadly I don’t have many. but I was building the mindset that *my grieving*….makes me a gud mother.

Cuz WUT kind of mother wouldn’t?

I was setting aside time for myself kinda like the *penance of the catholic* punish myself with guilt, & thoughts of “what if’s” & “I’m stupid, I should’ve tried HARDER”

& when it came time for me FOR my toddler baby…. we’d watch movie or a Netflix.

I’m not Christian now….but as a child (5),  I was baptized into a small schoolhouse Catholic church lol 2 room building. But we was jammin to some Kirk Franklin…coloring a teddy bear poster.

Then the PTB (powers that be) must’ve realized “usefulness was being found thru the pain”….. cuz….

….Everything fell apart @ about 9:30last night…..

I have to go….

I’ll be bk to finish….I PROMISE.

No one will hack THIS, I promise. Ppl’s issues are safe…..plz don’t ban me again. I’m sry for WUTEVER I did….but can admin please help me kno wut I did to be banned.

It was the day b4 yesterday, April 5th 2018….closer to 4pm when I tried to sign on: put email & then the CORRECT password 1x…the screen shook, & went to a weird page…..??

Said page had tiny words something about I was *currently blocked*

Then something bout an “admin in error could….”

Lol….sooo confused.


Thanks in Advance.


Why? Please WHY?

I trying to be responsible,  & respectable (i *do* cuss alot tho)….only 2 comments on 2 posts & my own comment on the 3rd.

How do I avoid this situation happening again?

ANY help will do

Thanks in advance.

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