Fuck this world.

  April 11th, 2018 by Killemall

So I didn’t learn shit growing up and I only have a misd. B in theft and marijuana. Two charges. Ive had then since 2012. I cant get a decent job. Look up GENESIS – Land of Confusion. This is also why. Keep the poor poor and the rich rich. There’s laws allowing the rich to do whatever and we are penalized for our crimes. This world is so corrupt, and theres no hope. No hope. No hope. No hope. No hope. No hope. No hope. No.Hope. Every job works me too hard while the coworkers are lazy. I just got married, yay, right? No. Im just not happy. Everyone around me is unhappy. So I wanna take the burden away. (Me.) accthwaters@gmail.com most painless answer wins the goose.

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