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  April 8th, 2018 by VenusHope

How each and everyone of you must feel now would¬† probably be unfathomable to anyone else since what may seem minor to some may be insurmountable to others. I won’t act like I can properly empathise with any of you much less extent a solid helping hand to you but if you can hear me out you have my heart-felt thanks.

Over my duration here on this website I’ve seen a plethora of problems ranging from academics to family to societal issues. If I could i would really want to help each and every one of you because you guys (Mostly anyways) are often the kindest most compassionate people i’ve met. But the thing is, it’s impossible. The problems are so complex and often near impossible to resolve.

But that isn’t the point of this post. What i really want to do here is offer my two-cents worth of advice(You guys can choose not to read this if you feel disgusted)

To those young, facing academic issues, the problems of fitting in, the inability to express yourself, feeling hated and ostractised by everyone you know, please don’t lose yourself. You guys(Or the posts i’ve read) often live up to the expectations of OTHERS. I know sometimes it’s forced upon you and there’s no way you can possibly defy it especially if it’s enforced in an abusive household or situation, but never forget who you are. That nagging voice in the back of your head that asks you to read, write, draw, sing. Never lose that voice no matter what because once you do, you’ll lose the only part of you left that isn’t what others had drilled into you. Put up a false facade if you have too, let it crumble sometimes, but never forget, everyday you make by makes you a tad stronger, more resilient. Though this may not be true for some individuals, but to those who this applies to, listen up. Don’t be tentative about the choices you make. Don’t keep switching between suicide and trying for instance, make a decision or you’ll just be like crossing a road and not making it across, and that’s when accidents happen. I KNOW I’m probably going to receive hate now but to those who can try, you better f***ing TRY.

To those who can’t, the only thing there really is left is hope(hence my name). I’ve read and seen things which if i were in the situation would have made me slam the suicide button without a second thought, but to those who are still kicking despite that, you have my deep-respect. There are some situations where i fully agree is hopeless, like losing the will to live, that’s something impossible to recover from. At that point, may you find your peace somehow because the pain at the point would be too much. But don’t jump straight to suicide too quick(Especially those who have a smidgen of hope left). If suicide is the only way you see an opening out of the abyss you’re in, you’re at the lowest point and from there, you can only go up. Even if the world is against you, even if you’re desperate, hopelessly begging for someone or anyone to even extent a small helping hand, i need to let you know how awesome you are for lasting this long, how strong you already are compared to the general population.

Man, sorry for this rant. I’m just so worked up of how screwed up the world is at this point. If i’ve somehow offended anyone please know it was unintended. The media doesn’t cover this taboo topic at all and those who openly seek help are often labelled as “attention seekers” and thus discriminated against. Furthermore, this is such a poorly and misunderstood issue in society. Of course i have my own problems to deal with daily and somedays(becoming increasingly frequent) i find myself thinking of the end. I just really had to get this out of my system and what better way than this website. I feel so powerless and so utterly useless when i read some of your posts since i can do absolutely nothing but talk. That’s probably why i wrote this.

As always,  be nice to one another. If you guys want to bash me or talk to me, feel free to drop a comment.

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