Why am I suffering so much?

  April 2nd, 2018 by lostsoul21817

Why can’t this pain stop ? Why do have to always go through drama,fake ppl and bullshit.I fuckin hate this world and would have died if not for my family.Everything was fine until 17yrs of age.From the time I started higher studies,life started goin downhill.

Sometimes Wish I’ve never been born at all.Fuck this place im livin in right nw.There is little hope once I finish uni,but its so hard to go thru it all.I still hav abt 3yrs left.I feel like I dont belong here,the ppl ovr here suck and are bullies.Fkin hate the hell im livin in rn

If there’s someone calld God, I really hope u hear mine as well as evryones cries out here.

Please help mee. :(((((((((

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