Life itself

  May 31st, 2018 by Justaclique

It’s kinda a shit poem that I wrote when I was at a low point but I had the courage to show it to my sister and she laughed. I felt like I was gonna get a different reaction where she would finally realise “shit you need help” but I guess nothing changes in this shitty world.

Life itself

I lay here hopelessly upon my bed
Where words seem to fall but yet,
They never seem to leave my head where I sit behind a colourless screen and constantly keep falling in and out of a bad dream,
The net I cast to set me free only ended up tying me up, threatening to snap at the feel of a touch, an emotion which is all controlled by the only constant friend, who whispers in my ear and slowly crippled my self esteem.

Is this the End? it feels like I’m dying, the comfort of friends only seems to hurt to see them happy and free, which they try to make my mind feel but Im so empty, alone, trying to function this dysfunctional vessel I try to call Me.

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