A letter to a friend

  May 15th, 2018 by AmberRolph

Evening all, hope you’re all well.  Not sure if this is the right placeto ask for help I’m desprate and unsure of what to do. A friend of mine a couple days back broke down emotionally, tears and opended up about how he is feeling.  Fast forward to today and he has isolated himself, taken himself off social media, not talking to anyone, ignoring calls/texts. I understand why some people choose to isolate themselves and if that’s what he needs that’s perfectly okay and I will support that.  I really want to help him maybe write a letter post it through his door? I’m not sure… that’s the best I’ve come up with. Can anyone help me with what to say in a letter to him please? Writing isn’t exactly my strong point as you can tell… or any other ideas would really be appreciated.

Thank you for reading this – Amber

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