I have nothing to live for

  May 2nd, 2018 by Elijah18

I have nothing else to live for. So far I’m only 15 and I’ve fucked up most good things in my life. I suffer from depression and Ive had therapy but I stopped going and I’m not the medicine type. I go to a really good private Catholic school for academics but I got suspended for drug usage and now my mothers making me transfer. I did terrible first semester so I’m screwed for college, then since I’m a dumbass I did almost the same thing this semester. My parents hate me and I don’t blame them, yea I know I have a couple good things going for me girls, sports etc but I just don’t care about that stuff anymore. I’m not happy and all I can think about is how much Ive messed everything up. Honestly the only reasons I haven’t killed myself is knowing my luck I’ll screw it up and put myself in a worst position and the very small thought of things getting better.

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