May 17th, 2018 by BlueDiamond

Greasy savory hamburger patties on roasted buns, cripsy lettuce and red tomates, giving out the warm aroma of molecules that travels up the nose, and alines to the cilla, to be detected by olfacotory neurons, causing cannabinoid receptors to activate.

Peanut oiled fries covered in cheese sauce, sugar, salt, and fat, something our ancestors rarely found in bushes and trees, and everyday couldn’t kill a mammoth to survive the famine, taste buds in the tongue, sending a signal to the neurons, apart of the opioid circuitry, enabling a heavenly experience.

Salt, white grains, hypertension, heart pumping harder to move blood out of the body, contributing to hardening of arteries. Sipping of carbonated brown cola, cocaine, glucose rises in river of blood to tell cells to burn it when they should be burning fat, insulin working harder to tell cells to open up and let glucose in, cells no longer hearing what insulin has to say.

Units of energy, stored in food consumed in large amounts, more than what the body can handle so it stores the yellow jello for later use. Belts tighten as bellies topple them, arms turn into wings, and wrinkles appear in the skin.

Blockage area of heart tissue losing blood supply, mutations in the DNA cells multiply faster, breakdown of cartilage pain in the joints, inablity to process uric acid, gallstones, and breathing problems.

Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, O’Charley’s, Red Lobster, Candy stores, Ice Cream shops, it’s everywhere! The drugs are everywhere! It’s outside and inside, health insurance is through the roof, a doctor is needed to solve this curse.

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