this is not a Poem

  May 1st, 2018 by SerendipityJune

how do i write these words
as soon as i get my paper
my pen
the thoughts are fleeing my mind
as a great flock of doves
escaping a storm
to leave me behind
with darker skies
and storming clouds
surrounding me
i reach for a light
the only light
cup my hands around it
hold it tight
protect it
and i let it free
to shine its light
upon the world
around me
a firefly
embracing the world
i watch it leave
and feel a pang
in my heart
it is selfish
others need light
but i still recoil
from the shock
of the bitter aftertaste
of leaving someone
i never truly knew
you are going
only one way
and away
from me
i hope one day
when you are high up
with the galaxy
among the stars
you will look down
and maybe
you will see me

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