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Depression is like a Shadow that never leaves you

by eternaldarkness

It’s always there. Maybe there’s a few days of brightness in between, but the darkness is always there, always waiting for you, and always pulls you back. You turn into a lump of coal, not doing anything productive, and feelings of utter bleakness and hopelessness set in. Or more like, they’ve made a permanent home, and occasionally they leave for a walk.

Anyhow, how does anyone get over depression? How many people who’ve had severe and long-lasting depression, have actually improved and gotten better? How many remain stuck in their utter desolation and pain? I yearn to be free of this darkness, this darkness that is constantly enveloping me. Well, I would have to be dead for that to happen. Depression and me have been together since…well, since I was little. So, little hope of it ever changing or it going away.


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WickedApparition 6/19/2018 - 9:28 pm

I had addressed my current relationship with my depression in a previous response to someone esle that you can read by CLICKING HERE if you wish. The link will open in a new tab, by the way, so that you will not have to redirect yourself back to where you are.

The things I had talked about pretty much address all of the topic points which you’ve expressed and shared here within your message. I do share how I found a way to find, and remain, positive and happy in life. Hopefully you are able to do the same, as it is possible to do so.

As always, Remain Blessed. -Kev

FightingGhosts 6/20/2018 - 1:03 am

A very accurate description. Reminds me of bipolar, the darkness that is always there just waiting to be triggered. Life is pain by definition. How you survive it is anybody’s guess but we’re all still here right? Well some more than others. The darkness is a part of us but does not need to define us as a whole but often does. We can come off highly negative, cynical and pessimistic as well as as you nailed it, dark. Those that deal with it and struggle with it daily are tough in my view and fighters. You do the best you can with each day and find what little good moments you can. I see writing is a strong suit of yours, do as much of it as you can. If may help you when the darkness is at it’s peak.

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