Depression is like a Shadow that never leaves you

  June 19th, 2018 by eternaldarkness

It’s always there. Maybe there’s a few days of brightness in between, but the darkness is always there, always waiting for you, and always pulls you back. You turn into a lump of coal, not doing anything productive, and feelings of utter bleakness and hopelessness set in. Or more like, they’ve made a permanent home, and occasionally they leave for a walk.

Anyhow, how does anyone get over depression? How many people who’ve had severe and long-lasting depression, have actually improved and gotten better? How many remain stuck in their utter desolation and pain? I yearn to be free of this darkness, this darkness that is constantly enveloping me. Well, I would have to be dead for that to happen. Depression and me have been together since…well, since I was little. So, little hope of it ever changing or it going away.

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