Going Nowhere

  June 18th, 2018 by eternaldarkness

What have you accomplished in your life?

A huge part of my depression is my lack of accomplishment. It makes me super depressed watching other people do something with their lives. Not just celebrities, but even silly YouTubers. They’ve all managed to make something of themselves, even if it’s for being popular for no reason.

No, I don’t care to be popular, that was just an example.

And before you can say “Then just go do something,” I have been battling a ton of health problems for the past 15 years, so I can’t just go and do [insert whatever activity]. It’s stopped me from doing everything. I used to be so active, did so much, but now…now what am I? What have I done? For the last 15 years, nothing. Nothing except be in pain and struggle. Struggle, struggle, struggle.

No, I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but what else can you do? We *do* compare ourselves to others, that is why many of us feel the way we do.

It hurts to see everyone so happy and healthy and carefree and doing whatever they want. It makes me cry and die a little more each day.

I just feel so shitty, like why do I have to be sick? Why can’t I be healthy like everyone else? Why does my life have to be so broken, so ruined and so alone?

Anyway, just a sad little rant, from a sad little nobody.

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